Code of Bushido

The Niseido Ju Jitsu Code Of Bushido

Niseido Ju Jitsu continually strives to live up to the seven principles of the Code of Bushido, “The Way Of The Warrior”. To us, the Code Of Bushido personifies the basic ideals of our humanness, “Humility, Truthfulness, Bravery, Benevolence, Compassion, Sincerity, Loyalty, Devotion” not only to our families, and friends, but all aspects of our lives.

As Niseido Ju Jitsu practitioners we believe that the Code of Bushido serves as our constant reminder to perfect our character and live our lives harmoniously.

GI – Righteousness

YU – Bravery / Courage

JIN – Benevolence

REI – Courtesy / Politeness

MAKOTO – Honesty /Integrity

MEIYO – Honor / Respect

CHUGI – Loyalty / Devotion / Faithfulness