Board of Professors

Niseido® Ju Jitsu Board of Professors

The Niseido Ju Jitsu Board of Professors is the guiding force behind Niseido Ju Jitsu. They are responsible for approving any changes in curriculum as well as making the business decisions for the system. The four Grandmasters are collectively responsible for all rank promotions above 5th Dan.

Prof. Rick Riccardi, 10th Dan, 2nd Grandmaster, Vee Jitsu Ryu Ju Jitsu
Supreme Grandmaster & Founder of Niseido Ju Jitsu

Prof. Mike Junsch, 10th Dan & Grandmaster
Chairman of the Board of Professors

Prof. Nic Alonso, Grandmaster, 9th Dan

Prof. Tom Holste, Grandmaster, 9th Dan

Prof. Lane Wommack, 7th Dan (Not Shown)

Prof. Bill Taylor, 6th Dan

Prof. Curtis Packer, 6th Dan (Not Shown)

Prof. Dr. Steve Abraham, 6th Dan (Not Shown)